The Mazarin Stone  part two-1

銃を取り出そうとしたCount Sylvius.

When Count Sylvius tried to take out his gun, Holmes said coolly,
  “Sit down.
Where is teh Mazarin Diamond?
I know the name of the taxi dirver you used.
I also talked to the man you asked to cut the diamond.
I know everything except for the location of the diamond.”

*coolly; 冷静に、冷淡に、よそよそしく
 location; 所在地

The Count replied.
“I will never tell.”
 Holmes said,
Be smart.
You and your friend, Sam, will go to prison for more than 20 years.
But if you tell me where the diamond is, I won’t tell the police.
Isn’t it better to be free than to be in jail with a diamond?”


  Holmes asked his young servant, Billy, to get Sam.


*Billy, you will see a large and ugly gentleman outside the front door. Ask him to come up.”

 Sam came into the room and said,
  “Count Sylvius, what is going on?”
 Holmes answered,
 “I know you and the Count did it.
I will be back in five minute.
Count, tell Sam everything and make a decision.
I will practice my violin while I wait for your answer.”

*be smart; 賢くなれ
go to prison; 刑務所行きになる。
 be in jail; 刑務所に入っている
servant; 使用人
Count; 伯爵
What is going on?; どうしたのだ?


Saying so, Holmes walked out of the room, and soon the sound of a violin came from Holmes’ bedroom.
Count Sylvius and Sam started to talk.
“Count, are you sure he isn’t listening to us?”
“He can’t play the violin and listen to us at the same time.”
“That’s true.
But there’s someone by the window!”
The Count said, “Don’t worry, it’s only a doll.
Now, Holmes says he will let us go if we tell him where the diamond is.”
Sam shouted,
“No way!
It’s worth a lot of money!
We should kill him.”






The Mazarin Stone  part one-2

ビリーが持ってきた名刺にはCount Sylvius

“I can’t believe this. He is here. 
Watson, check if anyone is watching us from the street.”
 “Yes, Holmes, there is a dangerous-looking man.”
 “That must be Sam.
Billy, bring the gentleman into the room when I ring the bell.
I may not be in the room, but do it anyway.”
 Billy left the room.

*dangerous-looking; 怪しげな

 Holmes continued, “Watson.
 Go and get the police.
 We will both go out from the door in the bedroom.
 I may be able to find the diamond before you return.”
 Saying so, Holmes then rang the bell.


 A minute later, Count Sylvius entered an empty room.
 He was surprised to find a silhouette of a man sitting on a chair behind the curtain.
 His eyes became thin and evil.
 The Count raised his walking stick, but suddenly, Holmes came into the room,
 “Don’t break it !
 It’s a doll.
 Now, please take a seat.”

*silhoutte; シルエット、影

Count Sylviusはホームズの人形の影を見て本人が座っていると思い、ステッキで殴りかかろうとする。なるほどこれがホームズの狙いだったのかもしれない。しかけた罠のひとつなのだろう。

 Count Sylvius was confused for a minute.
 But then, he asked,
 “Why are you using your men to follow me ?”
 “What men?  
 Do you  remember that umbrella in the corner?”
  “You were that old woman?  If I knew…”
  “…I would be dead now.”


 The Count angrily said,
 “Why did you do that?”
 “You hunt lions because it is exciting and to remove dangerous animals, right, Count?” 
  “That’s true.”
  “I am doing the same thing with you.”
  Count Sylvius jumped up from his chair and reached for his gun.

*confused; 困惑して、慌てて
reach for ~ ; 〜に手を伸ばす

Count Sylvius jumped up from his chair







The Mazarin Stone  part one-1

Simple Enjoy English 6月号の後半は、The Mazarin Stone. 「マザリンの宝石事件」「マザリンの宝石」などと訳されている。

 One day I visited Holmes’s house and saw a new curtain  covering the window.
I asked Billy the young servant of Holmes.
  “What is this curtain for?”
  “We have something funny behind it. See?”
 I was ver surprised.

A doll dressed like Holmes was sitting in a chair like he was reading a book.
Bill said,
  “We move the head in different directions, so people don’t know  it’s a doll.”
  Then , Billy looked out the window and said,
  “There are people outside watching Mr.Holmes,”
  Just then, Holmes came out from his bedroom.
  He looked tired.
  “Billy, you can go now.
Watson, I may be killed tonight.”‘  
  “Holmes, what’s going on?”
  “Just in case I am killed,  I want you to remember my killer’s name.
It’s Count Negretto Sylvius.”

*servant; 使用人
 What’s going on? ;どうしたのだ?
just in case; もしものときは、万が一のため
Count- ; 〜伯爵

 I knew Holmes very welll, so I knew he was not joking.
 I said,
  “Let’s catch him now.”
” I could, Watson.
 But I don’t know where the diamond is yet.”
  “You’re talking about the robbery of the Mazarin Stone.
Was Count Sylvius the thief?”
  “Yes, with the help of a boxer named Sam Merton.”
  I asked Holmes if he knew where the Count was.
He said,
  “I do. I dressed like an old woman this morning and followed him.”
  Bill came into the room with a name card on a try.
  Holmes looked at the card and smiled.

*ホームズは宝石の在り処を調べるために、犯人の Count Sylvius のあとをつけ回していた。あるときは労働者の格好で、そしてこの日は老婆の格好で。