シャーロック・ホームズ 18

The Three Students  part one 2

Soames’ room was on the first floor.
First, Holmes looke inside the room through a window.
The window was up high, so he had to stand on his tiptoes to see inside.


Holmes said,
“Your servant is gone. Which chair was he sitting in?”
 “That one by the window.”
 “Okay. The mystery person was copying the exam papers on the desk by the window.
That way, he could see you if you came back.
He was in such a hurry that he broke his pencil.
Ah, here’s the piece of clay.
The shape is unique, like a pyramid.
And I see the cut on your desk.
Mr.Soames, could I take a look at the other room?”
 “Of course, sir.
That’s my bedroom.”

*pyramid; ピラミッド

Holmes looked at everything, then he suddenly kneeled down and said,

*kneel down; ひざまずく

“Hello!  It’s another piece of clay.
It’s the same shape as the one that was on your desk.
Ah, the mystery person came int this room and hide here.
So, Mr Soames, tell me about the three studnets.”

 “Well, Mr Gilchrist is an excellent student and is also an athlete.
He’s long jumper. he’s tall.
His family used to be rich, but now they are poor.
  Mr. Ras is a quiet  student with good grades except for tomorrow’s exam subject,Greek.
  Mr. McLarer is smart but doesn’t always study hard.
He might be worried about tomorrow’s exam.”
“All right Now I’d like to talk to Mr.Bannister”.

*athlete; 運動選手、陸上競技の選手
long jumper; 走り幅跳びの選手
good grade;良い成績
Greek; ギリシャ語

一人目は成績も優秀なスポーツマンで背も高いMr Gilchrist 。
二人目はインドの学生のMr. Ras 。
ホームズは最初に、使用人の Mr.Bannister に会いたいと言う。その真意は?






シャーロック・ホームズ 17

The Three Students  part one 1

6月最初の作品は「The Three Students」。 この作品は「シャーロック・ホームズの生還 The Return of Sherlock Holmes 」(1905年)に載せられている作品。


 One night, a university professor, Hilton Soames, came to Holmes’ room.
He said,
“Mr. Holmes. I need your help.
I was checking tomorrow’s exam papers that I had received from the printer’s shop today.
Then, I left my room for about one hour.
When I came back, the door was unlocked, and I noticed right away that someone had moved the exam papers.
Some of the pages were on the floor.
At first, I thought that my servant, Bannister, had done it, but he is an honest man and would never do anything like that.”

*right away; すぐに
servant; 使用人


“So,where is Mr. Bannister now?”

  “When I told him what had happened, he looked sick and sat down in a chair.
I left him there and came to see you.
Mr.Holmes, I think a student noticed that my door was unlocked and looked through the exam papers.
Tomorrow’s exam is for a scholarship for a lot of money, so it’s very important for some students.
The three students living in my building will be taking this exam.”

*scholarship; 奨学金

  “I see.  Did the mystery person leave any clues?”
 “Well, there was a piece from a broken pencil on the floor.
and there was a cut on the desk.
Also, I found a piece of clay.”
  When Holmes heard this, he smiled and said,
  “Let’s go check your room.”

*clue; (謎を解く)てがかり
 cut; 切り傷
clay; 土、泥、粘土