シャーロック・ホームズ 18

The Three Students  part one 2

Soames’ room was on the first floor.
First, Holmes looke inside the room through a window.
The window was up high, so he had to stand on his tiptoes to see inside.


Holmes said,
“Your servant is gone. Which chair was he sitting in?”
 “That one by the window.”
 “Okay. The mystery person was copying the exam papers on the desk by the window.
That way, he could see you if you came back.
He was in such a hurry that he broke his pencil.
Ah, here’s the piece of clay.
The shape is unique, like a pyramid.
And I see the cut on your desk.
Mr.Soames, could I take a look at the other room?”
 “Of course, sir.
That’s my bedroom.”

*pyramid; ピラミッド

Holmes looked at everything, then he suddenly kneeled down and said,

*kneel down; ひざまずく

“Hello!  It’s another piece of clay.
It’s the same shape as the one that was on your desk.
Ah, the mystery person came int this room and hide here.
So, Mr Soames, tell me about the three studnets.”

 “Well, Mr Gilchrist is an excellent student and is also an athlete.
He’s long jumper. he’s tall.
His family used to be rich, but now they are poor.
  Mr. Ras is a quiet  student with good grades except for tomorrow’s exam subject,Greek.
  Mr. McLarer is smart but doesn’t always study hard.
He might be worried about tomorrow’s exam.”
“All right Now I’d like to talk to Mr.Bannister”.

*athlete; 運動選手、陸上競技の選手
long jumper; 走り幅跳びの選手
good grade;良い成績
Greek; ギリシャ語

一人目は成績も優秀なスポーツマンで背も高いMr Gilchrist 。
二人目はインドの学生のMr. Ras 。
ホームズは最初に、使用人の Mr.Bannister に会いたいと言う。その真意は?







A case of Identity  part Two 2

  Mr.Windibank jumped up from the chair and put on his hat.
  “I don’t have time for this!
  Let me know when you find the man.”
  Holmes walked to the door and locked it.


  “Mr. Windibank, I have found him.
  I am surprised you think I can’t solve such an easy case.”
  Mr. Windibnak fell back down into the chair.
  Holmes spoke to him.
  “I will tell you what happened.
Tell me if I am wrong.
A man married a woman15 years older than him for money. Then, he wanted the daughter’s 100 pounds a year, too.
If the daughter married, they would lose the money.
So, the couple made a plan.

*Mary の実の母親と相談してこの計画を立てたのだからおどろく。
*ホームズは前日にAngel が働いていたという会社に、新聞に乗ったAngle の人相書きから「口ひげ、メガネ、声」などの変装と思われるものを省いた人相書きを送っている。そこからの返事は、それに該当する人物はWindibank だった。

  The man put on a fake mustache and glasses and called himself, Mr.Hosmer Angel.
You wanted the daughter to fall in love with him so she wouldn’t marry anyone else.”
  Mr.Windibank said quietly,
  “We didn’t think she would love him so much.”
  “But she did. So, you were successful.
The money is still yours.
You had to make Mr.Angel disappear.

So, on the day of the wedding, you got into a cab and got out from the other side.

*cab; タクシー、辻馬車

This is a really old trick.
You didn’t break the law, so the police can’t put you in jail. But look, there is a whip…”
*jail; 刑務所
 whip; ムチ

*少し説明を加えるために講談社「青い鳥文庫 消えた花むこ」から引用すると、

 ホームズは鍵を外してドアを大きく開けながら言った。(注 ホームズはドアの鍵を開けている)

  Mr. Windibank quickly ran out the door and into the street.
“What a bad man!” said Holmes and sat back down in his chair.

Enjoy Simple English はここで終わっているが原作では続きがある。
ワトソンの「Mary はどうなるのだろうか」という質問に次のように答えて終わる。

“If I tell her she will not believe me. You may remember the old Persian saying, ‘There is danger for him who taketh the tiger cub, and danger also for whoso snatches a delusion from a woman.’ There is as much sense in Hafiz as in Horace, and as much knowledge of the world.”

*snach; ひったくる
 delusion; 妄想、思い違い

 講談社青い鳥文庫の「名探偵ホームズ 消えた花むこ」では次のように訳されている。

翻訳で省かれている最後の部分は「Halfiz はHorace と同じくらいの良いセンスがあるね。そして世間の知識もね」という感じだと思う。
Hafiz は14世紀のイランの詩人。通称ハーフィズ。
Horace は古代ローマ時代の南イタリアの詩人。ホラティウスと呼ばれている。

*Mary は自分をだました母と継父とこれからどんな生活をおくるのだろうか。




シャーロック・ホームズ 12

The Red-Headed League - Part Two 2


 I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I went to the bank that night.
 The director of the bank took us to the basement.

*director; 銀行の頭取
*basement; 地階、地下室

 I could see lots of boxes.
 The director told us the boxes were full of gold coins.
 Then, Holmes said,
 ” Watson, this bank is located behind Wilson’s shop.
I think some people are coming to steal the coins.
 Let’s wait here and catch them.”

*located; 〜に位置している

 After a few hours, I saw a flash of light.

*flash of light; キラッと輝く光、閃光

 Then, two men entered the basement.
 One was Spaulding, and the other had red hair.
 When Homes saw them, he quickly moved forward and caught them.
 He said,
 ” I know what you did, Spaulding.
When Mr. Wilson was working at the Red-Headed League, you were in the basement of his shop digging a tunnel.
You wanted to connect the tunnel to the bank’s basement so you could steal the gold coins.”

*dig ~ ;〜を掘る

 The next morning, I asked Holmes how he solved the mystery.
 He said,
 “When we saw Spaulding that afternoon, I saw that his knees were dirty.
So I knew that he was digging a tunnel.”
  “And how did you know they would come to the bank last night?”
 “The Red-Headed League closed their office because they had finished digging the tunnel.
I knew Spaulding and Ross would want to use the tunnel as soon as possible, and Saturday night seemed like the perfect time.”

 “Wow. You are a smart detective, Holmes. You amaze me.”
 “Well, we solved another mystery.  Things will be boring for a while.”

*smart; 頭の良い、賢明な
detectiv; 探偵、刑事
amaze ~ ; 〜をびっくり仰天させる
boring; つまらない、退屈な