シャーロック・ホームズ 7

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire -Part Two- 1

Holmes and I have come to Robert Ferguston’s house to find out if his wife is a vampire.
After talking with Ferguston, Holmes sent a message to his wife.
For some reason she screamed, but she agreed to meet with us.
  Forguston, Holmes and I went into her room.
 Holmes started to talk.
  “All right.  I know what happened.
At first, I thought the idea of a vampire was impossible.
But Mr.Ferguston, the nurse did see your wife walking away from the baby with blood on he lips.
Right, Madame?”
  “Yes that’s true.”
  “Mr. Ferguston, did you think of other reason for your wife to be sucking your baby’s blood?
For example, when you take poison out of someone’s body, one way is to suck it out with your mouth.”
  “Yes, I saw the weapons on the wall downstairs.
Next to a small bow used to hunt birds, there was a case for the arrow.
It was empty.
Arrows usually have poison on them, so if a child is hurt with an arrow, they will die.
They can survive only if the poison is sucked out right away.
And the dog was used to test if the poison worked.
Now do you understand?
Your baby was hurt by a poison arrow, and your wife saved his life by sucking the poison out.
But she didn’t want to tell you about it because she didn’t want to break your heart.”
  “Break my heart?”
  “Yes.  She knows how much you love your older son, Jack.”
  “Jack did it?!”


*Sussex; サセックス、イギリス南東部の旧州
*vampire; 吸血鬼
*scream; 悲鳴を上げる
*nurse ; 乳母
+blood; 血
*suck~ ; (液体)を吸う、吸い取る、なめる
*poison; 毒
*weapon; 武器
*bow; 弓
*hunt~ ; 〜を狩る、〜の狩猟をする
*arrow; 矢
*right away; 直ちに


For some reason she screamed,原文では、
A minute later I heard a cry from within, a cry in which joy and surprise seemed to be blend.
ー>喜びと驚きの入り混じったような叫び声(講談社青い鳥文庫「名探偵ホームズ サセックスの吸血鬼」より)

Mr. Ferguston, did you think of other reason for your wife to be sucking your baby’s blood? 〜, 原文では
Did it not occur to you that a bleeding wound may be sucked for some other purpose than to draw the blood from it? Was there not a queen in English history who sucked such a wound to draw poison from it?

Yes, I saw the weapons on the wall downstairs.

I thought the idea of a vampire was impossible. 





シャーロック・ホームズ 6

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire -Part One- 2


  A few days later,  Holmes and I met Ferguston in front of his house in Susex.

  Ferguston let us in and took us into a large room with a stone fireplace.
*fireplace; 暖炉

On the walls, you could see guns and other weapons from South America.

 Holmes looked at them very carefully.


Then, he suddenly said,
  “OH, hello!”
  A dog slowly walked over to Ferguston.
*walk over to ~ ; (向こう)へ歩いていく

You could see that it had difficulty walking.
Ferguston said,
  “He has trouble moving his back legs.”
The dog looked up at Holmes and me.He looked sad.
*trouble; 不具合、困難

  “It happened about four months ago.
One morning, he suddenly had trouble moving.”
  “Interesting.  It could mean something.”
  At that moment, the door opened, and a teenage boy came in.
When he saw his father, he happily rushed over and hugged him.
*rush over ; (向こうから)駆け寄る
*hug ~  ; 〜と抱き合う

His father carefully hugged him back.
Holmes saw this and said,
  “Could we see the baby now?”
  The nurse brought in the baby, Ferguston held him gently in his arms.
*bring in ; (人を)連れてくる

But Holmes was not looking at them.  
He was looking toward the window.
It seemed he saw something, but he didn’t say anything about it.


Then, he said.
  “To solve this mystery, I should see your wife.
Let’s go upstairs.”
  “But my wife will not see me!”
  “Yes, she will.”
 With that, Holmes wrote a short message on a piece of paper, and the nurse delivered it to Madame Ferguston.

Soon, a scream was heard from upstairs.

*with that;  そう言って
*scream; 悲鳴、叫び声

*この悲鳴はの意味は? 悲鳴は悲しいときにだけ発せられるものではない、というのがこの表現の裏にある。