The Three Students  part two-2

ホームズの直球の質問に Gilchrist は、

Gilchrist started to cry.
Holmes saw this and said,
  “It’s okay.
People make mistakes.
I’m going to tell Mr.Soames what happened.
If I make a mistake, you can correct me.
Yesterday, Mr.Gilchrist was walking back from his long jump practice.

*long jump;走り幅跳び

He was carrying his track shoes.
When he passed your room, he saw the exam papers through the window.
He could see them because he is tall.

*Gilchrist はホームズより背が高かった。ホームズが背伸びをして部屋の中を見ようとしていたが Gilchrist はあるきながら部屋の中を見ることができたのだ。

Mr.Gilchrist, you came in and put your shoes on the desk.
What did you put on the chair by the window?”
  “My gloves.”
  “Ah, I see.
When Mr.Soames came back, you had no time to excape, you you took your shoes and went into the bedroom.
The cut on the desk was from the spikes on your shoes.
The piece of clay was from your shoes, too.
I went to the sports field today and found the same type of clay there.


So, is my story correct, Mr.Gilchrist?”

cut; 切り傷(机の上に残った傷のこと)
clay; 土、泥、粘土

“Yes, it is.”
“Then Mr. Bannister, why did you let Mr.Gilchrist escape?”

“I used to work for Mr.Gilchrist’s father, so I’ve known him since he was a child.
When I saw Mr.Gilchrist’s gloves, I wanted to help the boy I cared deeply about.
Mr.Holmes, you understand, right?”

*care deeply about ~ ; 〜を深く気にかける

  “Yes, I do.”
With that, Holmes stood up and said,

*with that ; そう言って

  “Watson, let’s go.
Our breakfast is waiting.
And Mr.Gilchrist, you have fallen low this time.
Let us see how high you can rise in the future.

*fall low ;堕落する

*Enjoy Simple English はここまで。
原作では、Glichrist は教授あてに、受験せずに南アフリカのローデシアに行くという手紙を描いていた。そう決心したのは幼い頃から面倒を見てくれていた Bannister の説得があったからだという説明がある。

Come, Watson! As to you, sir, I trust that a bright future awaits you in Rhodesia.
For once you have fallen low. Let us see, in the future, how high you can rise.”
(さあ失礼しよう、ワトソン。うちで食事が待っている。ギルクリスト君、ローデシアでは、輝かしい将来がきみをまっていることだろう。一度だけ、君は過ちを犯した。将来、きみがどんな立派な人間になるか、見守らせもらうよ。(講談社青い鳥文庫 名探偵ホームズ より)


The Three Students  part two-1

 Holmes and I were helping Soames, a professor.
  We were looking for a person who had tried to copy some exam papers the day before the exam.                                                      

 Now we were talking to Soames’ 50-year-old servant.Bannister.

ホームズとワトソンは試験問題をコピーした学生がいるようなので犯人を探してほしいという依頼を受ける。まず最初に教授の長年の召使いであるBannister と話をすることになる。
servant; 使用人

Holmes said,
  “Mr.Soames told me that you felt sick and sat down in the chair by the window.

Why didn’t you sit in this closer?  It’s closer.”
 “I was too sick to notice.”

ホームズはBannister が倒れ込んだ椅子のことを聞いている。ドアの近くと窓のそばに椅子はあったようだ。Bannister は近くの椅子ではなく遠い方の椅子に座り込んだという。これも今後のホームズの推理の伏線になっている。

 “Thank you. Now, Mr.Soames, I’d like to talk to each student.”

  First, we went to Gilchris’s room, then to Ras’s room.
Finally, we went to McLaren’s room, but he told us angrily that he would not see us.
Surprisingly, Holmes didn’t look mad.
He just asked Soames,
  “How tall is Mr.McLaren?”
  “Shorter than Mr.Gilcharist.
He’s about 5 feet 6 inches, I think.”
  “Okay, I’ll see you again tomorrow morning and slove this mysterry.”

*surprisingly; 驚いたことに
look mad; 腹を立てた様子で



The next morning, Holmes and I went to Soames’s room.
Holmes asked to talk to Bannister.
Holmes said,
 ”All right, Mr. Bannister.
 Tell us the truth.
 When you sat down on the chair, you hid something.
 What was it?”
  “I wasn’t hiding anything.”
  “Okay, then. I’ll have Mr.Gilchrist come here.”
  Bannister suddenly looked like he was going to cry.
  When Gilchrist arrive, Holmes said,
  “Mr.Gilchrist, why did you look at the exam yesterday?”






シャーロック・ホームズ 18

The Three Students  part one 2

Soames’ room was on the first floor.
First, Holmes looke inside the room through a window.
The window was up high, so he had to stand on his tiptoes to see inside.


Holmes said,
“Your servant is gone. Which chair was he sitting in?”
 “That one by the window.”
 “Okay. The mystery person was copying the exam papers on the desk by the window.
That way, he could see you if you came back.
He was in such a hurry that he broke his pencil.
Ah, here’s the piece of clay.
The shape is unique, like a pyramid.
And I see the cut on your desk.
Mr.Soames, could I take a look at the other room?”
 “Of course, sir.
That’s my bedroom.”

*pyramid; ピラミッド

Holmes looked at everything, then he suddenly kneeled down and said,

*kneel down; ひざまずく

“Hello!  It’s another piece of clay.
It’s the same shape as the one that was on your desk.
Ah, the mystery person came int this room and hide here.
So, Mr Soames, tell me about the three studnets.”

 “Well, Mr Gilchrist is an excellent student and is also an athlete.
He’s long jumper. he’s tall.
His family used to be rich, but now they are poor.
  Mr. Ras is a quiet  student with good grades except for tomorrow’s exam subject,Greek.
  Mr. McLarer is smart but doesn’t always study hard.
He might be worried about tomorrow’s exam.”
“All right Now I’d like to talk to Mr.Bannister”.

*athlete; 運動選手、陸上競技の選手
long jumper; 走り幅跳びの選手
good grade;良い成績
Greek; ギリシャ語

一人目は成績も優秀なスポーツマンで背も高いMr Gilchrist 。
二人目はインドの学生のMr. Ras 。
ホームズは最初に、使用人の Mr.Bannister に会いたいと言う。その真意は?