シャーロック・ホームズ 10

The Red-Headed League - Part One 2

応募にでかけた Wilson 、そこでの様子をホームズに説明する。

  ”There were many red-headed men, and didn’t think I would even get inside.
 But Spaulding helped me get into the office.
 Inside, there was a small man with hair redder than mine.
This man was choosing the new members.
When he saw me, he smiled.
Then , he looked closely at my hair and said,
“Congratulations!  You got the job.
When can you start?

*congratulations! ; おめでとうございます!

I was very surprised and told him that I had to work at my own shop.
But Spaulding said,  ” You’ve taught me many things, so I can take care of the shop while you work here.”
  “The short man, whose name was Duncan Ross, told me that I would work from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and that I couldn’t leave the building during those hours.

*質屋の仕事が忙しいのは夕方。それまでの時間はそれほどお客は来ない。Spaulding もその間の仕事をやると言っている、そうすればその時間帯にこの赤毛組合の仕事ができるとWilson は考えた。

My job would  be  to  copy an encyclopedia.
It sound easy, and it’s always good to earn more money, so I decided to take the job.

*encyclopedia; 百科事典

I started working the next day and continued working for the next two months.
Then, one morning, I found this note on the door to the office.”

  Wilson gave us a piece of paper.  
It said,

  “The Red-Headed League has closed down.
    October 9, 1890.”

*close down; 閉じる、閉鎖する。


   October 9,1890

*dissolve; 解散する                      









シャーロック・ホームズ 8

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire -Part Two- 2

“I’m afraid so.
Jack is very jealous of his baby brother.
The baby doesn’t have a bad back like Jack does, and he thinks that you love the baby more,Fergueson.
When you were holding the baby, Jack looked very unhappy.
I used the window like a mirror to see his face.
  “I don’t believe this!”
*jealous of ~ ; 〜をねたんで、

 “And we understand why your wife hit Jack.
Any mother would be extremely angry if her baby were poisoned.
Madame, am I correct?”
*extremely angry; 非常に怒って
*poisoned; 毒を入れられて

  Madame Fergauston was crying.
She said to her husband.
  “I couldn’t tell you because I knew it would hurt you so much.
I was waiting for someone else to tell you about it.
So, when Mr.Holmes wrote me the message saying, “I know everything.” I was glad.
That’s why I screamed.”

  “Mr.Holmes, what should we do?”
  “I think a year on a ship at sea would be good for Jack.

  Ferguson stood by the bed and cried.
He reached out to his wife.
His hands were shaking.
  “All right.  Watson.
 I believe it’s time for us to leave.

 I’m sure Ferguston and his wife will have a good discussion about the future.”
  With that, we left the room and closed the door behind us.
*reach out; 手を差し伸ばす
*with  that; そう言って


*I used the window like a mirror to see his face.

I think a year on a ship at sea would be good for Jack.
原文では、I think a year at sea would be my prescription for Master Jacky.
(prescription; 処方)「ジャック坊っちゃんには、一年ばかり海辺で休養させるのがいいでしょう」(講談社青い鳥文庫「名探偵ホームズサセックスの吸血鬼」)



シャーロック・ホームズ 7

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire -Part Two- 1

Holmes and I have come to Robert Ferguston’s house to find out if his wife is a vampire.
After talking with Ferguston, Holmes sent a message to his wife.
For some reason she screamed, but she agreed to meet with us.
  Forguston, Holmes and I went into her room.
 Holmes started to talk.
  “All right.  I know what happened.
At first, I thought the idea of a vampire was impossible.
But Mr.Ferguston, the nurse did see your wife walking away from the baby with blood on he lips.
Right, Madame?”
  “Yes that’s true.”
  “Mr. Ferguston, did you think of other reason for your wife to be sucking your baby’s blood?
For example, when you take poison out of someone’s body, one way is to suck it out with your mouth.”
  “Yes, I saw the weapons on the wall downstairs.
Next to a small bow used to hunt birds, there was a case for the arrow.
It was empty.
Arrows usually have poison on them, so if a child is hurt with an arrow, they will die.
They can survive only if the poison is sucked out right away.
And the dog was used to test if the poison worked.
Now do you understand?
Your baby was hurt by a poison arrow, and your wife saved his life by sucking the poison out.
But she didn’t want to tell you about it because she didn’t want to break your heart.”
  “Break my heart?”
  “Yes.  She knows how much you love your older son, Jack.”
  “Jack did it?!”


*Sussex; サセックス、イギリス南東部の旧州
*vampire; 吸血鬼
*scream; 悲鳴を上げる
*nurse ; 乳母
+blood; 血
*suck~ ; (液体)を吸う、吸い取る、なめる
*poison; 毒
*weapon; 武器
*bow; 弓
*hunt~ ; 〜を狩る、〜の狩猟をする
*arrow; 矢
*right away; 直ちに


For some reason she screamed,原文では、
A minute later I heard a cry from within, a cry in which joy and surprise seemed to be blend.
ー>喜びと驚きの入り混じったような叫び声(講談社青い鳥文庫「名探偵ホームズ サセックスの吸血鬼」より)

Mr. Ferguston, did you think of other reason for your wife to be sucking your baby’s blood? 〜, 原文では
Did it not occur to you that a bleeding wound may be sucked for some other purpose than to draw the blood from it? Was there not a queen in English history who sucked such a wound to draw poison from it?

Yes, I saw the weapons on the wall downstairs.

I thought the idea of a vampire was impossible.