シャーロック・ホームズ 11

The Red-Headed League - Part Two 1

Mr.Wilson is telling Holmes and me about the Red-Headed League, a strange group for men with red hair.
Wilson was working for them, but one day, he found a note saying the group had closed down.
What was this group, and why did it suddenly disappear?
Wilson continued to talk.

*close down; 閉じる、閉館する

  ”No one in the building knew about the group.
 I didn’t know what to do, so I came to see you.”

  “You made the right choice. All right.
What does your assistant, Mr.Spaulding, look like?”
  ” He’s short but muscular.”
  “Does he still work at your shop?”

*short; 背の低い
 muscular; 筋骨たくましい
 ホームズはWilsonの留守を預かっているSpaulding の容姿について尋ねる。

 The next day, Holmes and I went to Wilson’s shop.
  Holmes knocked on the door, and a short man appeared.
 I thought it was Spaulding but Holmes just asked for directions and left.
  I asked Holmes,
  “Did we come here just to check Spaulding’s face?”
  Holmes replied,
  “I wanted to see the knees of his pants.

And it was just as I had imagined.
Okay, let’s look at this area.”

*knee; ひざ
*ホームズはSpaulding の顔を見に来たのではなく、ズボンのひざを見るために来たと言う。そして「予想通りだった」と言っている。ホームズが何を見て推理しているかを考えるとおもしろい。
 原作ではホームズはSpaulding とは以前に事件などで知っていたと言っている。ただ顔を合わしてはいない。顔は知らなくても名前は知られた悪党だと予想される。

 Holmes looked around and said,
  “Hmm.  A tobacco shop, a newspaper shop, and a large bank.”

*tabacco; 刻みたばこ

  Then , he added,
  “Someone might try to steal something from the bank, but I think we can stop them.
Meet me at the bank at 10 p.m. tonight.”












シャーロック・ホームズ 10

The Red-Headed League - Part One 2

応募にでかけた Wilson 、そこでの様子をホームズに説明する。

  ”There were many red-headed men, and didn’t think I would even get inside.
 But Spaulding helped me get into the office.
 Inside, there was a small man with hair redder than mine.
This man was choosing the new members.
When he saw me, he smiled.
Then , he looked closely at my hair and said,
“Congratulations!  You got the job.
When can you start?

*congratulations! ; おめでとうございます!

I was very surprised and told him that I had to work at my own shop.
But Spaulding said,  ” You’ve taught me many things, so I can take care of the shop while you work here.”
  “The short man, whose name was Duncan Ross, told me that I would work from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and that I couldn’t leave the building during those hours.

*質屋の仕事が忙しいのは夕方。それまでの時間はそれほどお客は来ない。Spaulding もその間の仕事をやると言っている、そうすればその時間帯にこの赤毛組合の仕事ができるとWilson は考えた。

My job would  be  to  copy an encyclopedia.
It sound easy, and it’s always good to earn more money, so I decided to take the job.

*encyclopedia; 百科事典

I started working the next day and continued working for the next two months.
Then, one morning, I found this note on the door to the office.”

  Wilson gave us a piece of paper.  
It said,

  “The Red-Headed League has closed down.
    October 9, 1890.”

*close down; 閉じる、閉鎖する。


   October 9,1890

*dissolve; 解散する                      









シャーロック・ホームズ 8

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire -Part Two- 2

“I’m afraid so.
Jack is very jealous of his baby brother.
The baby doesn’t have a bad back like Jack does, and he thinks that you love the baby more,Fergueson.
When you were holding the baby, Jack looked very unhappy.
I used the window like a mirror to see his face.
  “I don’t believe this!”
*jealous of ~ ; 〜をねたんで、

 “And we understand why your wife hit Jack.
Any mother would be extremely angry if her baby were poisoned.
Madame, am I correct?”
*extremely angry; 非常に怒って
*poisoned; 毒を入れられて

  Madame Fergauston was crying.
She said to her husband.
  “I couldn’t tell you because I knew it would hurt you so much.
I was waiting for someone else to tell you about it.
So, when Mr.Holmes wrote me the message saying, “I know everything.” I was glad.
That’s why I screamed.”

  “Mr.Holmes, what should we do?”
  “I think a year on a ship at sea would be good for Jack.

  Ferguson stood by the bed and cried.
He reached out to his wife.
His hands were shaking.
  “All right.  Watson.
 I believe it’s time for us to leave.

 I’m sure Ferguston and his wife will have a good discussion about the future.”
  With that, we left the room and closed the door behind us.
*reach out; 手を差し伸ばす
*with  that; そう言って


*I used the window like a mirror to see his face.

I think a year on a ship at sea would be good for Jack.
原文では、I think a year at sea would be my prescription for Master Jacky.
(prescription; 処方)「ジャック坊っちゃんには、一年ばかり海辺で休養させるのがいいでしょう」(講談社青い鳥文庫「名探偵ホームズサセックスの吸血鬼」)