The Mazarin Stone  part two-2


The Count shook his head and said,
  “He may have already told the police. Wait, I hear something.”
  The two thieves looked around the room, but they saw nothing.


There was a vague sound which seemed to come from the window. Both men sprang round, but all was quiet. Save for the one strange figure seated in the chair, the room was certainly empty.

  The Count continued,
  “I have the diamond in my secret pocket.
Let’s lie to Holmes so he will search in the wrong place. Then, we will leave the country with the diamond.”
  Sam said to the Count,
  “Let me look at the diamond.”
  “Let’s go over to the window.
 We can see it better there.”

  The Count pulled out the diamond from his pocket, and just then, Holmes jumped up from the chair and took the diamond away from them!
  “Don’t do anything foolish.
The police are waiting downstairs.
You didn’t know that there is a door behind the curtain that goes to my bedroom.
  The noise you heard earlier was me changing places with the doll.
  I listened to your conversation pretending to be the doll. The violin music was a recording.”
  The Count gave up.
  “Holmes, you are a devil.”

Enjoy Simple English はここで終わっている。
原文ではこのあと貴族のLord Cantlemere とのやり取りがあるのだがその紹介は省くことにする。



原文では gramophones と紹介されている。





シャーロック・ホームズ 11

The Red-Headed League - Part Two 1

Mr.Wilson is telling Holmes and me about the Red-Headed League, a strange group for men with red hair.
Wilson was working for them, but one day, he found a note saying the group had closed down.
What was this group, and why did it suddenly disappear?
Wilson continued to talk.

*close down; 閉じる、閉館する

  ”No one in the building knew about the group.
 I didn’t know what to do, so I came to see you.”

  “You made the right choice. All right.
What does your assistant, Mr.Spaulding, look like?”
  ” He’s short but muscular.”
  “Does he still work at your shop?”

*short; 背の低い
 muscular; 筋骨たくましい
 ホームズはWilsonの留守を預かっているSpaulding の容姿について尋ねる。

 The next day, Holmes and I went to Wilson’s shop.
  Holmes knocked on the door, and a short man appeared.
 I thought it was Spaulding but Holmes just asked for directions and left.
  I asked Holmes,
  “Did we come here just to check Spaulding’s face?”
  Holmes replied,
  “I wanted to see the knees of his pants.

And it was just as I had imagined.
Okay, let’s look at this area.”

*knee; ひざ
*ホームズはSpaulding の顔を見に来たのではなく、ズボンのひざを見るために来たと言う。そして「予想通りだった」と言っている。ホームズが何を見て推理しているかを考えるとおもしろい。
 原作ではホームズはSpaulding とは以前に事件などで知っていたと言っている。ただ顔を合わしてはいない。顔は知らなくても名前は知られた悪党だと予想される。

 Holmes looked around and said,
  “Hmm.  A tobacco shop, a newspaper shop, and a large bank.”

*tabacco; 刻みたばこ

  Then , he added,
  “Someone might try to steal something from the bank, but I think we can stop them.
Meet me at the bank at 10 p.m. tonight.”












シャーロック・ホームズ 9

The Red-Headed League - Part One 1

The Adventures of Sherlock Homes 


One autumn day, I visited my friend, Sherlock Holmes.
He was talking to a man in his fifties with red hair.
Holmes said,
 “Watson! Come in and listen to Mr.Jabez Wilson tell us his strange story.”
 “All right,”  I said and took a seat.  The Mr.Wilson started to talk.
 “It all started with this newspaper advertisement.”
  And he showed us the ad.

*advertisement; 広告、宣伝
*ad : advertisement の省略形

 It said, “The Red-Headed Leagee is now looking for new members.
 You will get paid four pounds a week for a simple job.
 We are looking for healthy men older than 21 with red hair.
 If you are interested, please come to our office on Fleet Street at 11 a.m. on Monday.”

*pound; ボンド(イギリスの貨幣単位)
*red-headed; 赤毛の、赤い頭髪の
*league; 同盟、連盟、(同室の)グループ

 Holmes smiled and said,
 “So , Mr.Wilson, tell us what happened.”
 “Well, I own a small shop in Saxe Coburg Square.
 A man named Vincent Spaulding works as my assistant.
I’m not making that much money.
But Spaulding said he wanted to learn the skills to be a shop owner and said he could work for a low salary.”

質屋の場所をSaxe Coburg Square と書いてあるが、原文は
at Coburg Square,near the City
となっていて、Saxe が抜けている。実はこのあと、Wilson が事件に巻き込まれたようなので自分の店に帰るときの様子をホームズに
I went home to Saxe-Coburg Square,

 ところで質屋の経営を学ぶためにと、普通より低いサラリー(salary; 給料)で働くSpaulding。なにやら怪しい。

 Wilson continued,
 “About two months ago, Spaulding showed me the advertisement.
He said that the Red – Headed League was created by a very rich man with red hair.
When the man died, he left a message.
It said, “I want to help red-headed men, so I am leaving money for them.”
 Spaulding told me he was jealous of me because I had a chance to earn money doing a simple job.
 It sounded good, so I went to their office on that Monday.  Spaulding came with me.”
  “Okay.   What happened next?”

*jealous; ねたんで、嫉妬して