シャーロック・ホームズ 6

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire -Part One- 2


  A few days later,  Holmes and I met Ferguston in front of his house in Susex.

  Ferguston let us in and took us into a large room with a stone fireplace.
*fireplace; 暖炉

On the walls, you could see guns and other weapons from South America.

 Holmes looked at them very carefully.


Then, he suddenly said,
  “OH, hello!”
  A dog slowly walked over to Ferguston.
*walk over to ~ ; (向こう)へ歩いていく

You could see that it had difficulty walking.
Ferguston said,
  “He has trouble moving his back legs.”
The dog looked up at Holmes and me.He looked sad.
*trouble; 不具合、困難

  “It happened about four months ago.
One morning, he suddenly had trouble moving.”
  “Interesting.  It could mean something.”
  At that moment, the door opened, and a teenage boy came in.
When he saw his father, he happily rushed over and hugged him.
*rush over ; (向こうから)駆け寄る
*hug ~  ; 〜と抱き合う

His father carefully hugged him back.
Holmes saw this and said,
  “Could we see the baby now?”
  The nurse brought in the baby, Ferguston held him gently in his arms.
*bring in ; (人を)連れてくる

But Holmes was not looking at them.  
He was looking toward the window.
It seemed he saw something, but he didn’t say anything about it.


Then, he said.
  “To solve this mystery, I should see your wife.
Let’s go upstairs.”
  “But my wife will not see me!”
  “Yes, she will.”
 With that, Holmes wrote a short message on a piece of paper, and the nurse delivered it to Madame Ferguston.

Soon, a scream was heard from upstairs.

*with that;  そう言って
*scream; 悲鳴、叫び声

*この悲鳴はの意味は? 悲鳴は悲しいときにだけ発せられるものではない、というのがこの表現の裏にある。




シャーロック・ホームズ 5

The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire -Part One- 1

「サセックスの吸血鬼」と訳されている短編。 これは1927年に出版された「シャーロック・ホームズの事件簿」(The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes )に収められている。「シャーロック・ホームズの冒険」から約30年後に出されたものだ。

講談社青い鳥文庫の「名探偵ホームズ サセックスの吸血鬼」の裏表紙には次のような紹介がある。

“Watson!  Look at this letter!  Your old friend, Robert Ferguson, wants to talk to us about a vampire.”

*Sussex; サセックス(イギリス東南部の旧州)左の地図の赤い部分
*Vampire; 吸血鬼

  “A vampire?  Is he serous?”
  “I dont’ know, but he seems worried.
I’ll ask him to come tomorrow morning.”
  The next morning at 10 a.m.,  Robert Ferguson came to the office.  He said,
  “Five years ago, I married a woman from Peru.

*Peru; ベルー

  We just had a baby boy together.
My wife is very kind, but for the past couple of months, she has been like a different person.
She hit my other son, Jack, twice.
Jack is fifteen, and he is from my first marriage.
Hitting Jack is terrible because he has a bad back from a childhood accident.
But she did something even worse to our beautiful baby boy.”

*for the past couple of months; ここ2,3ヶ月は
*back; 背中
*childhood; 幼年時代の、幼児期の

 “Tell me more.”
  “About one month ago,  the baby’s nurse, saw my wife biting the baby’s neck.

*nurse; 乳母
*bite; かみつく
*neck; 首

I asked my wife about this,  but she just looked at me sadly and didn’t say anything.
Now she doesn’t want to see me, so she stays locked in her room.”
  “Is the baby safe now?”
  “Yes.  His nurse always watches him.
Right now, I’m more worried about Jack.
I don’t know why my wife hit him.”
  “Hmm. I think we should go to your house to find more information.”
  “That would be very helpful.”

原作では、物語の前段で吸血鬼のことが話題になっている。 ホームズはきっぱりと「まともにとりあげられない」と言っている。

シャーロック・ホームズ 4

The Adventure of the Speckled Band -part two -2

We entered through the open window.
Holmes and I sat in the dark room and waited.
After many hours, we saw light from the air vent, and then we heard a whistle.

* cigar smoke; 葉巻の煙
* whistle; 口笛

Holmes jumped up from the bed and hit the rope very hard with his walking stick.

*walking stick ; 杖

Soon after, a terrible scream came from the room next door.
Holmes said,

*scream; 悲鳴、叫び声

 “It is all over.”
When we found Helen’s stepfather’s dead body, Holmes said quietly,

*It is all over; すべてが終わった。

 ”The band, the speckled band!”
There was a snake around the doctor’s head.
 “Watson, that is a very dangerous snake from India. Its poison can’t be found by any test.”

 On our way home, Holmes explained everything.
The stepfather wanted all the money, so he had to kill the sisters before thy got married.
 He made the snake go into the other room through the air vent.
Then, the snake used the rope to get down to the bed.
By giving it milk, he had trained the snake to do things with the sound of a whistle.
 When Holmes hit the snake tonight, it became angry and bit the first person it saw.
 Tonight, that was Helen’s stepfather.

邸の庭はロマの一団が住んでいて、ヘレンは band は「人間の一団(バンド)」かもしれないと考えていた。「まだら」もロマたちが頭に巻いている水玉模様のスカーフを指しているのではないかとも考えていた。
band という言葉が「紐」と「一団」ということがあることはこの説明までは私は気が付かなかった。そういえば楽団は「バンド」というなあと納得した。